Phags-pa script typer

Conversion table
Input Phags-pa Unicode
k A842
kh A840
g A841
ng A843
c A844
ch A845
j A846
ny A847
t A848
th A849
d A84A
n A84B
p A84C
ph A84D
b A84E
m A84F
ts A850
tsh A851
dz A852
v A853
zh A854
z A855
-a A856
y A857
r A858
l A859
sh A85A
s A85B
h A85C
a A85D
i A85E
u A85F
e A860
o A861
q A862
x A863
f A864
gg A865
ee A866
w A867
y A868
tt A869
dd A86B
nn A86C
-y A86D
sh A86E
H A86F
F A870
-r A871
R A872
C A873
[ A874
[[ A875
. A876
.. A877
q character

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Developed by Victor Lee, email
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