Kazakh Arabic script to Latin phonological converter

For the Kazakh language spoken and written in China
Hamza (ء) is excluded from conversion

Vowel changes

ء + /a/ [ɑ] > /æ/ [æ]
ء + /o/ [wʊ] > /ø/ [wʏ]
ء + /ə/ [ə] > /ɪ/ [ɪ]
ء + /u/ [ʊ] > /y/ [ʏ]
/e/ [jɪ] is a front vowel.


/a/ → [ɑ]
/ğ/ → [ʁ]
/e/ → [jɪ]
/ž/ → [ʑ]
/i/ → [j, i]
/o/ → [wʊ]
/w/ → [w, u]
/u/ → [ʊ]
/x/ → [χ]
/č/ → [tɕ]
/š/ → [ɕ]

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