Chinese Kazakh Arabic script typer

For the Kazakh language spoken and written in China

Conversion table
Lat. Arabic.
H ء
a ا
b ب
v ۆ
g گ
gh ع
d د
e ە
j ج
z ز
i ي
k ك
q ق
l ل
m م
n ن
ng ڭ
o و
p پ
r ر
s س
t ت
w ۋ
u ۇ
f ف
x ح
h ھ
c چ
ch چ
sh ش
y ى
, ،
; ؛
? ؟
< «
> »
` character breaker
Kazakh Arabic script to Latin phonological converter, Turkic Cyrillic alphabet typer (for Cyrillic Kazakh),
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