Latin to Manchu script converter

Conversion table
Latin Manchu
a \u1820 ᠠ
e \u185D ᡝ
i \u1873 ᡳ
o \u1823 ᠣ
u \u1860 ᡠ
v, ū \u1861 ᡡ
i', ɨ \u185F ᡟ
u', ü, y' \u1873
\u1873 ᡳᠣᡳ
n \u1828 ᠨ
ng \u1829 ᠩ
k \u1874 ᡴ
g \u1864 ᡤ
h \u1865 ᡥ
b \u182A ᠪ
p \u1866 ᡦ
s \u1830 ᠰ
sh, š, x \u1867 ᡧ
t \u1868 ᡨ
d \u1869 ᡩ
l \u182F ᠯ
m \u182E ᠮ
c \u1834 ᠴ
j \u1835 ᠵ
y \u1836 ᠶ
r \u1875 ᡵ
f \u1876 ᡶ
w \u1838 ᠸ
k' \u183A ᠺ
g' \u186C ᡬ
h' \u186D ᡭ
c' \u186E ᡮ
z' \u186F ᡯ
r' \u1870 ᡰ
ch \u1871 ᡱ
zh \u1877 ᡷ
0 \u1810 ᠐
1 \u1811 ᠑
2 \u1812 ᠒
3 \u1813 ᠓
4 \u1814 ᠔
5 \u1815 ᠕
6 \u1816 ᠖
7 \u1817 ᠗
8 \u1818 ᠘
9 \u1819 ᠙
- \u180A ᠊
, \u1802 ᠈
. \u1803 ᠉
` Chracter breaker

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